How You Can Help

Persuading global corporations to make ethical business decisions can be a challenge, but it’s very far from impossible.  The good news is that with enough people it doesn’t require a lot of effort.  We have prepared a list of some easy ways to help. 

1. Sign the Pledge

Sign up at the bottom of this page to send a clear message to Heineken. 
Every signature is another lost customer. 

2. Spread the Word

Hashtag #boycottheineken on social media.  Link to  Talk to family and friends.  Inform other groups organising aid and support for Ukraine.  Ask them to sign the pledge.

3. Label the Products

Use our sticker sheets to label Heineken brand products in supermarkets and off-licences.  They will also work on posters and other marketing.  Just download the pdf and print onto any Avery L7160 compatible stickers.  You can also print onto plain A4 and cut out with scissors. 


I will not buy or drink any Heineken brand beverages until such time as Heineken has cut all ties with Russia, including sales, marketing, employment, promotion and licensing of any of its brands or products.

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