Heineken Exits Russia

Key highlights
  • Heineken Russia has been sold for €1 to Russian manufacturer Arnest Group
  • The business has been sold as a going concern retaining employees.
  • The Amstel brand will still be produced for the next 6 months.
  • International brands will not be brewed under license in Russia, with some exceptions which are yet to be announced.
  • Heineken will provide no brand support and will receive no proceeds, royalties or fees from Russia.
  • There is no call option to return to Russia.


Boycott Heineken considers that Heineken has met its obligations and should no longer be subject to boycott.  We will continue to observe the process, including the expiry if brand licenses.  Apart from that our work here is done.

We would like to thank all the fellas and everyone who raised awareness of Heineken’s Russian operation, in particular Olivier van Beemen for bringing this to the attention of the world.

The Heineken Promise

Announcement to exit Russia

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 March 2022 a roster of large corporations stood up to say that they could no longer do business in Russia on ethical grounds.  Heineken too, decided that they would have to pull out of that market.  This was announced in their press release of 28 March 2022.


Following the previously announced strategic review of our operations, we have concluded that HEINEKEN’s ownership of the business in Russia is no longer sustainable nor viable in the current environment. As a result, we have decided to leave Russia.

The Heineken Reality

Further investment into Russian market

Production, advertising, and sale of the flagship Heineken brand have been suspended in Russia as of March 9.  This represents only 18% of Heineken’s total revenue from the Russian market but allows them to claim that they have “exited Russia”.

In order to offset the loss of revenue from withdrawing the Heineken brand, they have launched 61 new products into the Russian market.  This has allowed them to grow their overall business.

We managed to grow the brand twice as fast as last year, which translated into a market share of 2 percent in October! Amstel thus achieves the same sales figures as Heineken last year.

N.B. heinekenrussia.ru was taken down on 22.02.2023, this link is to the 20.02.2023 archive

at boycottheineken.org

I will not buy or drink any Heineken brand beverages until such time as Heineken has cut all ties with Russia, including sales, marketing, employment, promotion and licensing of any of its brands or products.

1622 pledges
Three new Amstel beers in 2022
New "Irish" stout
Targeting new demand

In a shrewd business move, Heineken is moving to enter markets recently vacated by other companies. 

In the wake of Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s exit from the Russia market, in August 2022 Heineken Russia registered declarations of conformity for “Royal Cola Original”, “Royal Cola Zero”, “Tony Lemony Orange” 

Following Guinness’ exit (a Diageo brand) Heinken have introduced Black Sheep Irish Stout – “A taste of Ireland”.

How does this help Russia's invasion?
We don’t know exactly how much tax Heineken are paying in Russia at the moment.  In 2019, their tax contribution to the Russian economy was
€400 million
so it is likely to be around that figure. To put that in perspective, that could buy
20,000 Shaheed 136 drones
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